Two: Project Planning (High Level)

Measurements of Success

The main measurement of success for Project Planning (High Level) is the decision to proceed with – or to halt – the project.  While in the majority of cases, a well-executed Project Initiation Plan leads to a transition to Project Planning (Detail Level), in some cases the organization is best served by deciding that the project should not continue.

Before the final task sign-off, however, the Project Manager can assess how successfully the project is proceeding through its processes by utilizing the measurement criteria outlined below. More than one “No” answer indicates a serious risk to the continued success of your project.



Measurements of Success

Yes / No


Prepare for the Project

Do you have a committed, interested and influential Project Sponsor and/or Project Director attached to the project?



Did you verify that your Project Initiation Plan reflects the vision of the areas of the performing Organization affected by/involved in the project?



Did you identify specific benefits the product or service developed by your project will bring to the Customer?



Do you have a clear structure for the project repository?   



Develop Project Initiation Plan

Has your scope statement been reviewed and accepted by Customer Representatives who will benefit from your project?



In your high-level Project Schedule, do you know if the effort shares allocated to various project phases correlate to industry-accepted norms?



Did you review the impact your project costs will have on upcoming fiscal year budgets with the Finance office?



Have your staff and materials acquisition plans been reviewed with the performing organization who will be paying for the staff and products being acquired?   



Has the Project Sponsor and / or Project Director reviewed your high level Risk Plan?



Are your internal and external Stakeholders satisfied with the frequency and content of communications you are providing consistent with your Communications Plan) as evidenced by a lack of complaints?



Have you proactively sought to gauge Stakeholders’ satisfaction level?    



Confirm Approval to Proceed

Do you have an approval form signed by your Project Sponsor and/or Project Director authorizing you to proceed to Project Planning, or to halt the project?



Have you provided sufficient information in your Project Initiation Plan to allow the Project Sponsor and/or Project Director to take the necessary action?   



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